Berry Point
is a commercial company
where people are the most important. We have been building relationships for 10 years. We are most happy to work together in a fruitful way. We focus on dynamic development and constant cooperation with Polish producers. Relationships based on trust and security are the foundation and the most important link in our business.
Today, our partners and shareholders are our best producers. Berry Point organizes a fully professional chain of trade relations between producers and consumers of highbush blueberry in Europe and Asia. We know how important quality is and therefore the fruit is fully traceable. As a result, fresh and tasty fruit is brought to the tables in more than 20 countries.
We cooperate with producers from all over Poland and it is thanks to their commitment and knowledge that we pick the best blueberry from nearly 150 ha. We pick and pack the fruit to any required standard. We use modern facilities in the very heart of Poland.